The Beautiful Sheba

Thursday, May 4, 2017 - 6:54pm

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In 1998, we were at a PetSmart in Edmonton, Alberta, to get seed for our bird feeders. My husband was off doing that; I had to go by the pet-adoption area as I always did. Moments later, I was on the floor beside Sheba, a beautiful 18-month-old Shepherd/Dobie cross (our vet later suggested). It was immediate love between me and Sheba.

My husband found me and Sheba when he came back with the birdseed. He, too, loved dogs, but we had said we wouldn't get one until I had retired, a year later. But there was no way I was going to leave that store without her!

In 1999, after my retirement, I, my husband, and Sheba drove across Canada as a retirement celebration. We started in Victoria BC. The photo of her in water? That's the Atlantic Ocean, a beach not far north of Halifax. Everyone who met her, loved her.

Sheba made friends with every hotel desk clerk across the country. We also stayed with friends in Nova Scotia; they had an older dog and he and Sheba romped along that beach just loving life.

The trip was about nine weeks long. We had cats (we housed them in a cat-boarding place west of Edmonton, all together in a big well-furnished enclosure ,while we were away) and as you can see, one of them, Glory, was Sheba's best pal.

This wonderful dog lived to 14; there will never be another like her, for me.

It should be noted that Glory, Sheba's pussycat friend, was also an adoption from PetSmart!