ragamuffin to handsome prince

Saturday, February 23, 2019 - 7:43am

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I adopted Wrex 5 years ago from Canine Connectacare. He had started out with a good home but then his family left Canada and he was taken in by their neighbours who allowed him to be bullied by their Doberman Pinscher. After 6 months they took him to the Humane Society underweight and with eye and ear infections. From there he went to Canine Connectacare who sent him to a foster home. I found out about him on-line and immediately decided he was the one for our family. I was told he was a poodle but there was not much visible evidence of that as seen by the top photo, he was a real ragamuffin but then I took him to be groomed and he was transformed into the handsome poodle seen in the bottom photo. He is still nervous around other dogs but he is the most loving companion I could ever hope for. Adopting him was one of the best decisions I have ever made.