Five-Year Foster Journey Leads to a Forever Home

This story was written by PetSmart Charities™ of Canada Roving Reporter Nikki Steele.

woman pets white cat"3 a.m.," Anita Dawes said, laughing. "Monty likes to wake me up every single morning at 3 a.m. to tell me just how much he loves me."

Monty, Anita's adopted cat, wasn't always this way.

Monty's journey to his forever home in Aurora, Ont., depended on the efforts of a devoted foster parent and a chance meeting at PetSmart Charities™ of Canada National Adoption Weekend.

Dedicated foster helps Monty heal

When Sharon Frogley from Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue began fostering Monty, she didn't realize it was the beginning of a 5-year foster period.

Before then, Monty had lived with an aggressive, domineering cat. That cat's influence had made Monty extremely skittish — Sharon was unable to touch Monty for the first 6 months he lived with h

It took years of work and gentle love until Monty was comfortable. Once he was, though, Monty took on the role of welcoming new cats into the foster home. Other cats were attracted to his gentle and loving demeanour.

Monty begins post-foster life with new family

Meanwhile, the Dawes family lost one of their cats, and their other cat, Angel, had grown lonely. Where better to find Angel a friend than at a National Adoption Weekend event?

Anita visited National Adoption Weekend at the Richmond Hill PetSmart® store looking for a quiet, mellow cat. She was lucky to run into Sharon, who was working at the event for Forgotten Ones Cat Rescue. Of course, Sharon knew just the cat for Anita’s family.

"We thought we would go in and find a kitten," Anita said. "But, when we said we were looking for a more submissive cat, Sharon suggested Monty instead."

Anita surprised herself, falling in love with the adult cat. She got a room ready for Monty with a litter box, blankets and a scratching post.

"And then he hid behind that litter box for the first few weeks! He was so shy at first," Anita said.

Monty's life before his foster home made it difficult for him to warm up to his new family. With gentle encouragement, however, Monty eventually came out of his shell.

"One day he came out and started rubbing around my legs," Anita said. "It was done. Monty's been a total love bug ever since."

A big cat with lots of love to give

With his huge feet (and heart), Monty has earned the nickname “Monster Truck” around the house.

"Monty's so big, but he doesn't actually meow. He just has this tiny squeak he does," Anita said.

It's just one of the little quirks that makes Monty such a charmer. A happy Monty now spends his days chasing squirrels in the yard and playing with Angel.

After 5 years, Monty's long journey to find a forever home has finally come to a happy end. 


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