Looking for the scruffiest kitten

Monday, January 23, 2017 - 3:39pm

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When we decided to adopt a cat or kitten, I was actually afraid of visiting PetSmart. I was going to see so many beautiful cats and cute kittens there ... how would I be able to make a choice? My son came up with the solution ... "Look for a scruffy kitten," he said. "One that nobody wants." That seemed like a good idea.

Once inside PetSmart, I noticed a cage with two beautiful white kittens, shared with the scruffiest kitten I've ever seen. She didn't stand a chance next to those two white beauties. So that's the kitten we chose.

We named her Chanel and she grew up to be a wonderful cat. Smart, affectionate and loyal as can be. When I got sick, the only time she moved was to eat, drink and use her litter box. The rest of the time she was at my side.
When I got a little better and was able to get up, she accompanied me wherever I went.

Chanel inspired me to write the book "Kitten Diaries", a story about her adoption, educating others about homeless pets, the need for adoption and what to expect after the adoption.