"Lakefield" Shelby

Monday, December 17, 2018 - 9:04am

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Nineteen years ago, I went to a PetSmart to buy dog food and, as is my habit, stopped to see the cats available for adoption. I had no intentions of adopting--I already had two cats as well as the dog--but as soon as I saw little Shelby, I was hooked. I picked her up and she flipped over into my arms, letting me know she'd been bottle fed. I later learned she was the only survivor of her abandoned litter. She grew into a sweet, elegant, playful member of the family and we still grieve her passing at the age of nineteen. Since our other cats had fancy cattery names, I decided Shelby should have one, and named her "Lakefield Shelby" in honour of the rescue organization that brought her to PetSmart.