Adoption Update: Life with Henry


Friday, August 24, 2018

Henry was merely a puppy when he and his litter-mates were brought to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in a cardboard box. In just one short year, Henry met his very best friend and mom, Sydney, went from homeless to homebound, and discovered the joys of whipped cream snackies from the coffee drive-thru. Although Sydney was the one to change Henry’s life through adoption, a look back at the past year would suggest the rescue was mutual.

“I was in a really dark place when I got him and when he came into my life I knew I had to step it up to give him everything I can." 

As Henry approached his first birthday, Sydney knew big plans where in order, after all, this was a celebration of not only his 1st birthday but also an anniversary of unconditional love and friendship. 

"It’s a whole new foundation of love, it’s unconditional, I would do anything for this dog.”

To celebrate, Henry spent the day doing the things he loves most, with the person he loves the most.


Like spending a day in Tampa Bay, out on the town with his BFF


and, scarfing down Puppucino's on a coffee run


then burning off those Puppucino calories at the dog park


and, showing off his stylish looks in a snapback and “birthday boy” bandana


finally, ending a long day with a relaxing dip in his very own doggie pool.

Happy 1st Birthday Henry!





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