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Saturday, February 2, 2019 - 9:16am

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Hello There,
My name is Sheila Marasco. I live in North Bay, Ontario Canada and I am writing to you about a local Rescue and the amazing woman who started it all. Kathy Jeanneault started All Heart Pet Rescue many years ago. She is the only rescue around our community. This woman is nothing short of a hero. She takes in our lost, abandoned, and forgotten furry friends from rescues all over Ontario and houses, trains and feeds these animals until they are well enough to find their forever homes. Kathy often has owner surrenders who leave their pet at the front gate of her rescue. She will NEVER say no to taking in an animal in need. Kathy is well known in our community. Her rescue is run by donations and volunteers who tirelessly give up their time to help Kathy run and maintain her Rescue. Now, the reason for my letter about Kathy and All Heart Pet Rescue is this..... Kathy Jeanneault has had a very trying few years. She has significant medical issues and most recently had an invasive back surgery in Ottawa. She sadly, quickly and rather unexpectedly lost her husband and life partner a couple years ago to cancer and her mother before that. She did not give up. She has overcome obstacles like I cannot imagine. She also has opened herself up to share her struggle with mental health issues and publicly told the social media world that she has struggled with this reality for years. Yet, she perseveres. She needs some help however. Her rescue is in dire need of some repairs and her kennels are needing work. Her rescue is run by donation only, or her own finances and those of the amazing volunteers she has. Despite her physical, personal and mental struggles, Kathy will not ever say no to helping an animal in need. I cannot express to you how what she does is so greatly needed in our area.
I watched the show, Save our Shelter and immediately thought Kathy would be such a deserving and wonderful story. She is currently recovering from surgery and has reached out on Facebook for some contractors or local businesses to help with donations to update some of the situations at her rescue.
I am an animal lover myself and recently become an activist to end the BSL on Pitbull type dogs in Ontario. My ultimate dream is to open a rescue in Northern Ontario for the bully breeds. There is a need for this in Northern Ontario and it is a dream of mine I think about everyday!! This highly judged and misunderstood breed occupy most of the space in shelters (high kill) in the United States. One day, when I win the lottery, I will have my rescue!!
Kathy however needs help now. My own daughter (now 14), had her tenth birthday party and asked her entire class to only bring donations for All Heart Pet Rescue. We were thrilled to be able to bring Kathy a truck load of donations including food and supplies as well as monetary donations.
Please consider Kathy and her Rescue. She does not even know I am doing this!!
If you need more information or to contact me that would be welcomed and greatly appreciated.
Every time I shop at my local Petsmart, I always donate to Petsmart Charities. I think what your charity does saves thousands of animals every year and I would love to see Kathy Jeanneault benefit from some of love your charity puts out there.
Many thanks to you
Sheila Marasco
North Bay, Ontario