Providing Emergency Funding for People & Pets in New Brunswick

In May 2018, unprecedented water levels and flooding in New Brunswick destroyed hundreds of homes and displaced more than 1,100 people—many of whom also had pets.  That’s why PetSmart Charities of Canada issued a $10,000 emergency relief grant to the Fredericton SPCA (FSPCA) to help the local animal welfare agency provide shelter and care to pets affected by this natural disaster.

“The Fredericton SPCA is very grateful to Petsmart Charities of Canada for providing this grant to assist pets and pet parents in need in Fredericton and its surrounding areas,” says Scott Elliott, President of the FSPCA. “This grant will allow us to help our community while they recover from the devastating loss of their homes and property.”

“Natural disasters are impossible to plan for, so we have a grant category specifically designed to help animal welfare agencies respond to pets in crisis in their communities,” says Dani Mailing, regional relationship manager at PetSmart Charities of Canada. “With this grant, we hope pet parents affected by the devastating flooding will rest a little easier knowing their pets are in good hands with the FSPCA, and are receiving shelter, care and food while waiting to be reunited with their families once new living arrangements are found.”

The Pet Flood Relief program at the FSPCA is designed to provide food assistance, kennels and containment supplies, medical care and microchipping to pets who have been lost, surrendered or displaced due to the flooding. Mere days after the flood, the FSCPA had reunited five cats and two rabbits with their pet parents. 

PetSmart Charities of Canada is committed to providing funding to help people and pets in need when natural disasters strike.  To learn more, visit  


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