Olivia Goes Home With Gibbles

PetSmart Charities of Canada guinea pig adoption AJamie Giesbrecht often brings her daughter, Olivia, into PetSmart® on the weekend to pick up food and supplies for their cat and learn about all the animals in the store.  But when the pair popped into the Stoney Creek store during PetSmart Charities of CanadaTM September’s National Adoption Weekend, they didn’t expect that a guinea pig named Gibbles might just be going home with them.

The Simcoe & District SPCA had recently rescued 35 guinea pigs from a couple whose two pet guinea pigs (originally thought to be two males) had a couple of litters in rapid succession, leaving them with a “muddle” of guinea pigs.  (Fun fact:  a group of guinea pigs is called a muddle.)

Amidst the habitats filled with dozens of short and long-haired adoptable fur-balls, the cute face and calico colouring of a guinea pig named Gibbles caught Jamie and Olivia’s attention.  After playing with Gibbles for just a few moments, and seeing how gentle and cuddly he was, Jamie filled her cart with a small animal habitat and all the food and supplies she would need to give Gibbles a great new forever home.

“I think it’s important for children to learn how to care for pets at a young age,” says Jamie.  “It teaches them kindness, compassion and responsibility…not to mention how much fun it is to hold and pet them.”

A recent call to the Giesbrecht family confirmed that Gibbles is adjusting well to his new forever home.  New pet parent Olivia delights in hearing Gibbles’ excited squeaks for his guinea pig food and treats.  Jamie reports that it never fails to evoke a smile and a giggle from her daughter. 

Gibbles was one of 1,659 pets who were adopted during PetSmart Charities of Canada’s September National Adoption Weekend.  If you have a pet adoption story you’d like to share, please visit www.petsmartcharities.ca/share-your-story or share it on social media using the hashtag #iadopted


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