Four-Year-Old Corrie Gets a Cat to Call Her Own

Carrie Trembinski

Corrie Lee and her new kitty cat!

Corrie Lee is only four years old and she’s already spent a quarter of her young life lobbying her mom, Alexandra, for one thing—a ‘kitty cat.’  Corrie had been making due by petting her neighbour’s cat every day, but after watching how gentle she was and how much she enjoyed the companionship of a pet, Alexandra knew that she had to get her daughter a cat to call her own.

“She was so young when she started asking, so I waited a little bit, just in case she changed her mind when she met a cute dog or saw a colourful fish.  But over the past year, all Corrie has talked about is getting a cat for our home. Her mind was made up and she’s a very persistent negotiator,” laughs Alexandra.

Alexandra learned about PetSmart Charities of Canada’s National Adoption Weekend while searching for pet adoption sites online. She and Corrie popped into the Leaside PetSmart in East York, Ontario on Saturday, November 12 during one of the largest national adoption weekends of the year.  Together, they peeked inside every little crate and saw kittens and cats galore, all looking for a forever home. 

Alexandra had done a fair bit of research and had decided that adopting an adult cat was her best choice.  “Corrie is so young, so I wasn’t sure how she would react to the inevitable scratches and bites that are bound to happen when you bring home a kitten.  So I felt that adopting a cat who was already socialized, litter trained, spayed or neutered and vaccinated might be a better option.  Plus there are so many adult cats looking for homes, but everyone seems to only want the kittens. It’s kind of sad.”

Inside the PetSmart Charities Adoption Centre, sat a gorgeous and regal-looking, grey and white, long-haired cat named Daisy.  Corrie and Alexandra spent some time petting and getting to know Daisy, but before making their final decision, they went to another nearby PetSmart store to see what cats they had in-store.

They soon realized that Daisy had already captured their hearts so they hustled back to the Leaside store, hoping that Daisy hadn’t found a forever home while they were gone.  As fate would have it, Daisy was still waiting.  After filling out the adoption paperwork and shopping for a few essentials, Corrie and Alexandra were ready to head home with their new furry feline.

On her way out, Corrie told volunteers from Toronto Cat Rescue (PetSmart Charities of Canada’s adoption partner for the Leaside PetSmart store), “I already made her a toy!”  Alexandra explained that Corrie had fashioned a ball out of tinfoil for her new kitty-cat to bat around the house.

Seeing How Daisy is Doing

Recently PetSmart Charities of Canada reached out to Alexandra and Corrie to see how Daisy was settling into her new family.  Alexandra reports that Daisy made herself at home right away.  “Corrie helps to feed Daisy, who now has toys all over the house and is prone to fits of intense ‘cat-and-mouse’ play, especially after a meal!”  Daisy can also be found snuggling up to her new pet parents on the couch and has even secured a favourite spot on Corrie’s bed for sleeping at night time.  “Corrie is besotted - and I think Daisy's pretty happy in her forever home,” confirms Alexandra.


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