Adoption Rewards and Event Grant Rewards

Adoption Rewards & Adoption Event Grant Rewards

Adoption Rewards

The PetSmart Charities adoption rewards program is a new reward program that streamlines the way PetSmart Charities provides adoption rewards to Adoption Partners.

This new reward program celebrates the efforts of Adoption Partners, and creates more opportunities to facilitate adoptions throughout the year - saving more lives!

Adoption Partners in Canada who facilitate in-store adoptions will receive the following rewards based on the number of pets adopted in-store.

Canada Adoption Reward Threshold

Funding Level Number of Annual Adoptions Total Reward
Threshold 1 25 $500
Threshold 2 50 $1,000
Threshold 3 100 $2,000
Threshold 4 250 $5,000
Threshold 5 500 $10,000
Threshold 6 1,000 $25,000
Threshold 7 2,000 $60,000
Threshold 8 3,000 $100,000
  • When a new Adoption Reward threshold is reached, the reward increases.
  • Adoption rewards are not cumulative.
  • The maximum Adoption Reward an organization can receive in Canada is $100,000.

Adoption Event Grants

Adoption Partners are also eligible to receive funding assistance when hosting an in-store adoption event. We are pleased to announce that adoption event grant applications have been simplified and were expanded to include funding for adoption prep and volunteer support.

Adoption event grants can be used for:

  • Adoption Prep: (wellness exams, spay/neuter surgeries, vaccinations, and microchipping)
  • Marketing: (social media boosted posts, ads, banners, radio remotes and flyers)
  • Event Equipment and Supplies: (tables, chairs, tents, fencing, permits, heating and cooling)
  • Pet Containment and Supplies: (crates, pens, bowls, leads, and collars)
  • Volunteer Support: (refreshments, gas - funds limited to 10% of overall grant award)

All event grant requests must first be made through your local PetSmart Store Leader. Find your local PetSmart store

After confirming the event with your Store Leader, you will receive an email from PetSmart Charities with the event grant application. Once submitted and reviewed, event grant amounts will be determined based on the number of adoptable pets provided on the application.

Only approved PetSmart Charities Adoption Partners are eligible to apply for and receive event grant funding.

Canada Adoption Event Grant Tiers

Adoption Partners are eligible to receive the following event grants based on the number of adoptable pets brought to the event.

Funding Level Number of Adoptable Pets Event Grant
NONE <10 -
TIER 1 10 - 19 $250
TIER 2 20 - 29 $500
TIER 3 30 - 39 $750
TIER 4 40 - 49 $1,250
TIER 5 50 - 100 $2,000
TIER 6 100+ $3,000
  • The maximum adoption event grant an organization can receive in Canada is $3,000.
  • Event grant funding is awarded on a first come, first served basis.
  • Adoption event grants will be determined based on the number of animals brought to the event.

If you have any questions, please contact your PetSmart Charities Associate Relationship Manager below.


Charlotte Palmer

Associate Relationship Manager


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